Why Waratah

Waratah Institute’s commitment to excellence in academic standards as well as equity across a diverse student population. Core to the Institute’s philosophy is that all students with the capacity to succeed in tertiary study should have the opportunity to do so, regardless of social or educational disadvantage.

Waratah Institute Vision:

Waratah Institute aspires to be a valued and recognised provider of higher education in the areas of Business and Information Security.

Waratah Institute Values:

Waratah Institute’s ambitions are underpinned by a commitment to develop both a sustainable business and an educational experience which supports students during their time at the institute into their working life post-graduation. Waratah Institute core values reflect this commitment:

  • Student-centred in all activities;
  • International in its orientation;
  • Innovative in its approach to learning and teaching,
  • Entrepreneurial in its approach to business and interactions with industry
  • Ethically and socially responsible in all activities.