Student Enrolments

Waratah Institute has an intake of students each February, June and September. It is anticipated that each intake will comprise approximately 20 students per program. The student population is expected to increase by about 100 students per year, and reach approximately 425 within 5 years. With the accreditation of further programs from 2021, student enrolments will increase further.

It is anticipated that most students will be international, coming from China, India, Nepal, Vietnam, Malaysia, Korea (South), Thailand, Brazil, Colombia, and a number of other European, South American and Asian countries.


Timetables are available to students at least two weeks prior to the commencement of a trimester. Students who have accepted a Letter of Offer will be provided their timetable via email. In each trimester, you will enrol in 2-3 units and a total of 8 units over the year. Each unit includes attendance of 3 hours per week over a 12-week period. Each unit you enrol into may be timetabled on separate days of the week Monday-Friday.

Student Participation and Representation

Waratah Institute is committed to a student voice in its academic processes. Waratah Higher Education will provide students with the opportunity to be selected as a member of the Academic Board and Learning and Teaching Committee. This is a key role that brings the student voice to life at the most senior level of management. The successful applicant will gain the opportunity to contribute to and enhance the student experience.

All enrolled students have access to formal representation through the Student Representative Council, which is a forum of elected Waratah Institute students established to support student engagement and participation in Waratah’s operations.